Stop Unfair Labor Practice at Nagoya International School!・名古屋国際学園の 不当労働行為に 抗議を!

The General Union is currently in a dispute with Nagoya International School over a member who was retaliated against after filing a sexual harassment complaint and declaring union membership.
名古屋市守山区にキャンパスを持つ名古屋国際学園(Nagoya International School) は2019年、セクシャル・ハラスメントの告発と組合活動をした教師との契約を更新しませんでした。

The Union has engaged in collective bargaining with the school as well as filing a suit against them at the Osaka Prefectural Labor Commission.

This pressure has precipitated changes at Nagoya International School, and the Union has won unlimited term contracts for staff and national insurance for all.

However, Nagoya International School・しかし、現在も闘いは続いている:

  • Walked out of mediation at the Labor Commission without an explanation
  • Was then reprimanded by the Labor Commission for missing deadlines to submit documents for the investigation
  • Stubbornly refuses to acknowledge their mismanagement of the member’s sexual harassment case and her subsequent contract non-renewal

Help us stop Nagoya International School from silencing union activists and sexual harassment whistle-blowers.

A seminar on working conditions in international schools will be held soon using Nagoya International School’s violations of the law as a case study.

In the meantime, please・あなたに、今できること:

  1. Go to the latest Facebook post and links to longer articles on the case, and share it far and wide・フェイスブックの投稿と、事件の詳細がある記事へのリンクをシェア・拡散お願いいたします
  2. Follow our Facebook page for updates on the seminar date and future updates about this case・説明会の日程や、この事件の最新情報が近日公表されるフェイスブックのページをフォローお願いいたします。