Shakai Hoken Law Changes 1 October

10月 2, 2022

We just wanted to let you know that the as of 1 October, enrolment for Shakai Hoken (Employee’s Health & Pension Insurance) will be made easier.

Please keep your eyes open regarding shakai hoken enrolment eligibility.

Current Law (basically put)

Enrolment is mandatory for those working at employers with 501+ employees who work 20+ hours per week. For those working at employers without 501+ *employees, enrolment is at 30 hours UNLESS there is a workplace agreement allowing everyone working 20+ hours to be enrolled.

New Law

Take all instances where it says 501+ employees above and change it to 101+. In October 2024 it will become 51+.

*The number of employees is decided by counting all those working at least 30 or more hours per week.

The reality

We know that some employers have prepared for this and they are getting the process underway. Some other employers, NOVA for instance, has told employees that they might not be able to get the process done until November or December because they are waiting for “notice from the Pension Agency.”

The Japan Pension Service says…

In order to check this information, the union made a call to the Japan Pension Service to check the facts. This is what we were told:

  1. If a company clearly has more than 101 workers working 30 hours or more a week, it will have already received a notification regarding the change urging them to take steps to enrol the newly eligible workers in shakai hoken, from Japan Pension Service.
  2. If a company is on the border, just above or below 101, there may be some delay regarding the notification.
  3. Regardless of this, the Japan Pension Service will never refuse to accept the enrolment application of eligible workers from their employer.

Therefore, our response to all companies “waiting for notification”; “quickly take steps to enroll your employees into Shakai Hoken.”