Send a Protest Fax / Email to Nagoya International School

May 2, 2023

At our International Schools Annual General Meeting, we presented a protest action against Nagoya International School regarding unfair labour practices and the school’s constant refusal to negotiate a resolution even though they have been urged several times by the Osaka Labour Commission to do so. You can read more about the dispute here:

We hope that you will take a few minutes and send a protest to the school via either fax or email. Please let Nagoya International School know that the union will not tolerate this kind of behavior. Your voice is very important.

We have pre-written messages you can copy, or you can write your own. Follow the instructions below.

EMAIL you Protest HERE

FAX your protest for FREE by following these instructions. Use our GotFreeFax to send your fax protest for free. You can send your own message, or please feel free to copy our message:

  • To: Matthew Parr
  • Company: Nagoya International School
  • Fax: 052-736-3883

Dear Mr. Parr,

I am writing to you regarding the employment of union member Minami Seki. We understand she was non-renewed after she filed a sexual harassment complaint and joined the union.
The Osaka Labour Commission case over this unfair dismissal has been going on for three years causing you both financial and reputational damage which is deeply regretful. The labour commissioners have urged you on multiple occasions to resolve the issue through conciliation, but you have repeatedly refused. With the labour commission case in its last stages, we urge you to take your final opportunity to settle with the case and stop wasting your school’s resources.