Raise the Minimum Wage Again. Online Petition

Nov 8, 2022

The “Campaign Committee for a Significant Increase in the Minimum Wage” is now accepting online signatures at Change.org.

【署名】『来年10月まで待てないので、4月にも最低賃金を上げてもらえませんか。署名やコメントを募集中』Please help us by signing the online petition 


10月に発効した最低賃金は、夏から秋にかけての大幅な物価上昇を考慮していない金額です。そこで、『来年4月にも再改正して、それを考慮した最低賃金額とする』よう、厚労省への再度の申し入れを11月21日に予定しています。The minimum wage that went into effect in October does not take into account the large price increases that will take place during the summer and fall. Therefore, we are planning to make another request to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (MHLW) on November 21 to “rerevise the minimum wage in April of next year to take these increases into account.

In France, Germany, and other foreign countries, the minimum wage is revised several times a year, and in Japan, as stipulated in Article 12 of the Minimum Wage Law, it is possible to revise the minimum wage again (more than once per year).

First of all, it depends on how the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare and local labour bureau chiefs approach (“consult”) the Central Minimum Wage Council and Local Minimum Wage Councils.

There is no need for the Kishida government to consult with business over wage increases. The government can raise wages by simply increasing the minimum wage

要請の際、多くの人の生の声を届けるため、オンライン署名とアンケートに取り組んでいます。Please help us by signing the online petition.

署名・Petition  アンケート・Survey

The text for the petition is in Japanese. See the English text at 

Please spread the word and share it with other union members.

最低賃金大幅引き上げキャンペーン・Raise the Minimum Wage Committee
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