URGENT CALL TO ACTION: Stand Up Against Foreign Worker Discrimination at NOVA!

10月 17, 2023 ,

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We challenge NOVA’s discriminatory articles of employment, which singles out foreign instructors only and demands them to provide medical certificates in cases of personal illness or injury. This unjust clause has placed an unnecessary burden on foreign workers, setting a double standard that Japanese employees are exempt from. The General Union is urging NOVA teachers to become plaintiffs at the Osaka Bar Association’s Human Rights Commission.

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An opinion from this body will have a significant impact NOVA’s ability to enforce this rule. This is not a court, but their opinion stopped NOVA from drug testing foreign teachers in the 90s, and made it difficult for NOVA to enforce a non-fraternization policy in the past. Their opinion was further key in several victorious lawsuits.

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Our demand is clear: Scrap the demeaning requirement to submit a doctor’s note for every sick day from the “Rules of Employment for Instructors.” You can also help this case by simply signing our supporting petition

NOVA has essentially stated outright that foreigners cannot be trusted to be truthful about their health, unlike their Japanese colleagues. This stance is not only insulting but also an unnecessary financial burden. Absences due to illness already result in lost wages at NOVA, as they classify them as “unpaid,” and now NOVA insists that instructors additionally bear the cost of obtaining medical certificates.

Such levels of scrutiny are entirely unnecessary. As dedicated employees, our integrity should never be questioned! NOVA should place the same trust in its foreign instructors as it does in their Japanese counterparts. NOVA must recognize our dedication, commitment, and professionalism. Together, we will ensure that fairness prevails. Share your experience as a plaintiff, or sign to show your support!