Nagoya International School dispute heats up・名古屋国際学園での争議は一段とヒートアップ

On 19 and 21 August, General Union members staged a small leafletting action at at Kozoji station in Kasugai City, and Nagoya Station to inform members of the public about our current dispute with Nagoya International School over a member who experienced retaliation and threats to their career after filing a sexual harassment complaint and declaring union membership. Our leaflet also urged members of the public to join a union themselves in order to improve and protect their working conditions regardless of where they work.

The union is now preparing an online action aimed at further pressuring the school to negotiate and resolve the issue of the unfair contract renewal. Keep your eyes open for the date and time of this September action.

Of course our collective bargaining and our suit against the employer with the Osaka Labour Commission has precipitated changes at Nagoya International School, and the Union has won unlimited term contracts for staff and Shakai Hoken (health and pension insurance) for all, but the employer continues their intransigent over the contract non-renewal issue.

Nagoya International School・現在も闘いは続いている:

  • Walked out of mediation at the Labor Commission without an explanation
  • Was then reprimanded by the Labor Commission for missing deadlines to submit documents for the investigation
  • Stubbornly refuses to acknowledge their mismanagement of the member’s sexual harassment case and subsequent retaliation and threats to their career

Help us stop Nagoya International School from silencing union activists and sexual harassment whistle-blowers. See you at our online action in September.