Message from a Jailed Union Activist・長期拘束されたた労働組合活動家からのメッセージ

1月 27, 2022

Hello to all of you in Osaka. This is Ozawa, in Tokyo. I would like to express my respect for the persistent fight you have put up in Osaka against the Osaka office (NOTE: refers to the Osaka branch of the company). This fight has surely posed a major threat to Sanken Electric.


Thank you very much for all of your support after my arrest. I am sorry for making all of you worry so, but thanks to your support, on December 27 I was finally released on bail. Thank you all again. I had resigned myself to spending the New Year holidays in prison, but with all of your support, I was able to be released before the end of the year. This has truly brought me joy. It was wonderful that I was able to spend happily at home with my family.


I was arrested on 10 May, indicted on 31 May, detained for about seven and a half months, then finally released on 27 Decebmber. I was arrested for an utterly unjust reason: When the Gyeongnam Labor Relations Commission, a public body in South Korea, issued a recommendation for settlement over the dissolution of Sanken Korea and the layoffs of its workers, I sought to meet with the responsible department at the company’s Japanese headquarters to inform them. For this, I was arrested. Since the company never once yet agreed to speak with a union, I thought this settlement recommendation would be a good opportunity for labor and management to talk. But the company’s security guard would not listen, refused to let me meet with them, and had me arrested.


This arrest was an act of repression by the Saitama Public Safety Police and Sanken Electric acting together, meant to crush the Sanken Korea dispute and to cut off international solidarity between the working classes of Korea and Japan. We cannot allow Sanken Electric to get away with such unjust repression, so we must not lose this fight. I would like to keep fighting side-by-side with all of you here in Osaka, in solidarity with the Sanken Korea union to the bitter end, until victory.


I would like to answer your support by joining you not only in the Sanken Korea dispute, but in other fights in all sorts of places, and further strengthening Japan-Korea workers’ solidarity. My trial could be starting as soon as March. I give you thanks again for all your support, and send this greeting on the occasion of my release. Thank you.


2022年1月19日・19 January 2022
尾沢孝司・Ozawa Koji