Know Your Rights as a Tech Worker in Japan?

3月 8, 2023 ,

The General Union is putting on a free seminar for tech workers in Japan. The meeting is open to all and you can meet with us on Thursday, 16 March from 19:30 via zoom.


We plan to cover a number of issues at the seminar:

  • Checklist of basic rights under the Labour Standards Law
  • Your rights to a union under the Constitution and Trade Union Law
  • Dealing with workplace harassment and how you can fight back
  • Protection against dismissals/layoffs under Japanese law

There are lots of dismissals coming in the tech industry and we want you to learn how to fight back against often illegal and immoral tactics by employers to get you to resign from your employment.

For now we leave you with a final bit of advice and hope you come to the seminar.
Never agree to sign anything without consulting with a knowledgeable party first and never be pressured by ‘this is the final offer‘ tactics.