GU new IT/Tech Branch Takes Off !

9月 3, 2023 ,

With over fifty new members signed up, including twenty at one company alone, we have made a tremendous start towards our founding IT/Tech branch general meeting on 5 October. If you are a current member, you can RSVP your attendance here. If you are interested in being part of the beginning of something great, you can sign up to join the union here and come on out to our 5 October meeting.

Join the Movement: Unite for Change with General Union’s New IT/Tech Branch

Are you ready to be part of a transformative movement? The General Union’s new IT/Tech branch is growing, and we want you to be a part of this new juncture. As technology and innovation reshape our world, the rights and well-being of workers in these dynamic industries are more important than ever.

Your Voice Matters: Why Join General Union’s IT/Tech Branch

In recent times, tech and IT industries have become a powerhouse of innovation, driving progress across the globe. However, this rapid growth has brought its share of workplace challenges. Workers have reached out to us, seeking help with issues that range from excessive overtime to unfair contracts, from harassment by colleagues to psychological coercion by management. We understand these problems, and we are committed to addressing them. The time for change is now, and you can make a difference.

By joining the General Union’s IT/Tech branch, you become part of a collective voice that advocates for fair treatment, respects workers’ rights, and strives for safer and healthier workplaces. Together, we will stand against any form of mistreatment or injustice, ensuring that the IT/Tech industry remains a source of pride, creativity, and fulfillment for all workers in the industry.

Step into the Future: Founding Meeting Details

Our founding IT/Tech branch general meeting is scheduled for 5 October at 19:30. This is your chance to be there from the very beginning, to contribute your ideas, share your experiences, and shape the future of the IT/Tech industry in Japan. If you are already a part of the General Union, we invite you to RSVP for the event. If you’re not yet a member but are eager to be part of this transformation, sign up now and join us on the day that marks the start our journey to take back our workplaces.

Make Your Mark: Embrace the Future with General Union’s IT/Tech Branch

The General Union’s IT/Tech branch is more than a new venture; it’s a declaration of solidarity, a promise of support, and a step towards a brighter future for every worker in the industry. Whether you’ve faced challenges personally or want to ensure the rights of all workers are respected, your involvement matters.

Mark your calendar for 5 October and be ready to be a part of what workers’ rights look like when we stand together. Your presence at the founding IT/Tech branch general meeting will signify your dedication to progress and change. Join us, not just as individuals, but as a collective force that will shape the narrative of the IT/Tech industry in Japan.