Spare a Thought for the Poor ALTs Working for Fukuoka City BOE!

2月 18, 2024

Their work for the 2024 academic year starting from April 1 has been put up for tender. The results of the tender bids will not be known until March 22, meaning they will only know if they have a job from April a week beforehand.

Even worse, if like was the case at the last tender in 2021, if the successful bidder changes, then the 98 ALTs will have to find new jobs 7 days before the academic year starts.

The budget for the ALTs is 440 million yen, but the teachers will be lucky to see half, that’s if they have a job from April. That will be in the hands of the bureaucrats.

It is this kind of system that the General Union is trying to change in the ALT New Deal Campaign.