Catch the Next Big Wave in the ALT Field: 2nd Wave Survey Kickoff Monday, February 5th!

1月 9, 2024 ,

In 2022-23, the New Deal for ALTs campaign ran the National ALT/JET/AET Survey to gain a better understanding of working conditions for ALTs across the country. To date it is the largest such survey. Our survey got the attention of Japanese Diet Members, City Councilors and the Press. It demonstrates the struggles ALTs face, and that ALT issues cannot be ignored

Now, the General Union New Deal for ALTs committee will run our “2nd Wave Survey,” a follow up to our last ALT Survey. Our goal is to keep gathering current data about ALTs and to continue sharing this data in order to effect systemic change. We are in regular contact with ministry officials where we use this data to lobby for change.

The 2nd Wave survey is not just a rehash of our previous survey. This time we are focusing on the educational challenges of the ALT field. Despite MEXT mandates and materials,  ‘team teaching’ is often a struggle for both Japanese English teachers and ALTs. The goal of the second wave survey is to illuminate these issues so that we can effectively deal with them.

Our goal isn’t to collect data, it’s affecting change.

The New Deal for ALTs aims to enhance English education for our students by ensuring that properly supported and trained teachers contribute to a higher quality of education.

So join us, Monday February 5th as we kick off our New Deal for ALTs 2nd Wave 👉 Sign up to attend