Kyoto Gaidai Takes Hardline Against Teacher After Cancer Diagnosis

Oct 11, 2021 ,

Kyoto University of Foreign Studies (Kyodai) has a policy of forcing teachers who have underlying conditions or are sick to either risk their life teaching face to face or to stay home and basically lose their job and means of making a living. Two union members have already ceased working there due to the harsh policy.

(David has recorded this video outlining his experience. He is currently in hospital having major surgery.)

This contrasts with most other universities in the Kansai area which have allowed online teaching options for teacher’s with underlying conditions. Kyoto Gaidai has had one of the harshest approaches in the region. Two union members have already had to cease working when faced with this choice.

General Union member David Waddell, received the shocking news that he had Stage III Esophageal Cancer 5 weeks before the end of the Spring semester. He asked to be allowed to finish his classes online in an on-demand format while he received urgent cancer treatment. The university applied its policy without mercy and got another teacher to take over until the end of the semester.

They also let him know that he lost his pay for July, August and September. So even though he worked most of the semester, they still docked him the usual pay for the holiday period.

This result came after sending him very matter of fact messages to him while in hospital to basically tell him that he had to do it their way or give up his class.