2022 could be a dangerous year for you

The General Union represents many eikaiwas and university teachers, but many don’t know that we have a rather large contingent working at private elementary, and junior and senior high schools.

In 2022 there will be a major change in the national English curriculum guidelines. Simply put, “eikaiwa” or English Expression classes will be eliminated and replaced with a course called Logic Expression.

This could lead to a loss in work for foreign English teachers at private high schools. So far we have heard from members at two schools who have been able to give us rather concrete information.

High School #1: at this workplace there may be a small reduction in work in 2022 but it will come back by 2023. It seems that members will not be losing work and the school seems committed to keeping foreign English teachers working by introducing them into the new curriculum.

High School #2: at this workplace, it seems that there will be substantial losses in assigned classes and it will be dealt with by reducing the work available to foreign English teachers as we have heard of no plans to integrate them into the new curriculum.

What can you do to try to prevent any potential 2022 cuts in classes:

  1. Take our survey about your work situation at a private elementary, or junior and senior high school so that the union has access to important data.
  2. Keep your eyes and ears open at school. We have several members who have not yet been told about the changes but are hearing rumors that they may be losing work.
  3. Apply for an unlimited term contract if you haven’t yet.
  4. Attend our seminar on Wednesday, 18 August at 1930 via Zoom and learn what we can do together. We will cover the new curriculum changes, what the union can do to help you protect your work, and how to use unlimited term contracts to improve your chances of retaining work.

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