Nagoya International School – Build Your Union – Case Study Webinar (Ended)

  • Flouting Labour Standards Law by not instituting a legal workers representative system or allow full use of legally mandated paid holidays.

We know this happens at many workplaces, how about yours? Find out what a workers representative is and how, if not careful, you could end up losing your rights at work. One big loss may be the right to use all your legal entitlement of paid holidays. Want to know how this system works? Please join us.

  • Refusal to offer contract renewal after consulting with a union over sexual harassment

This is a clear violation of the Trade Union Law in Japan. Your right to a union is guaranteed. The union filed an unfair labour practices case against Nagoya International School this January when a union teacher was non-renewed after she had spoken to a union about the school’s mishandling of a sexual harassment complaint and other issues.

While the union has tried to negotiate a settlement to this issue, one of the school’s non-negotiable “pre-conditions” for a contract renewal was that the teacher get a full psychiatric evaluation – now claiming that the teacher was too ill to work safely, despite consistent attendance, no work orders to see a doctor and and no major health issues for months. The union, in good faith, agreed to the evaluation on the understanding that if the psychological evaluation by a medical professional came back all clear, there should be a standard renewal. 

Nagoya International School still refused, stating that even if the evaluation came back clear, there still must be a reduction in workload and the teacher must agree “not to accuse colleagues without a substantial body of credible evidence” – and that the contract would be for only one year, non-renewable under any circumstances even if the psychological evaluation came back OK.

The school’s continued attempts to silence the teacher at any cost proves the initial reasons for union formation – Staff at Nagoya International School continue to voice concerns about the culture of fear, silencing, and retaliation.

A survey of NIS staff by the General Union shows that 21 out of the 35 staff that took the survey responded that they have experienced negative consequences for giving ‘positively intended’ constructive criticism, and 27 out of 35 have seen other staff members experience some negative consequences. 26 out of 35 responded negatively when asked if they are comfortable approaching management for advice and support. 

The General Union finds it unacceptable that teachers are targeted, their sanity and working ability attacked, for bringing up legitimate concerns about the workplace with Management.

Have you ever had your real or perceived health issues used against you after criticizing management? Have you ever been labeled a risk, uncooperative and unhappy after voicing concerns about workplace conditions? 

See you on Wednesday, 17 June at 17:30.