NOVA: Safety Survey, Public Meeting, & STRIKE

4月 28, 2020

Nova Members of the General Union have voted overwhelmingly to take strike action against NOVA if demands for work at home and other issues are not resolved after our next collective bargaining session.

Membership continues to grow as teachers are fed up with risking their health for NOVA owner Inayoshi’s profits. Teachers complain of overcrowding, small workspaces without proper ventilation, shared headsets, and other concerns about contracting coronavirus at work including long commutes between prefecture.
Members will soon set a strike deadline!
38 online news sites have picked up the Kyodo News Service story about union activity to keep workers safe. The company has underestimated the public concern during this crisis and risks becoming a pariah amongst students, teachers, and the whole language industry if the problem is not fixed. The Yahoo news site carried almost 1000 comments about this situation.
We hope that Nova quickly rectifies the situation and that other language schools take this as a warning of potential problems if they try putting language school employees at risk.