Coronavirus Update for 10 April

4月 10, 2020


The only income support that is direct to workers and has an eligibility requirement is a one time payment of 300 thousand yen per family subsidy. This is available when the income of the head of the household falls by over 50% in any month between February and June 2020, compared to the same month last year. We are still waiting for word on the application process.

Freelancers are also able to claim up to 1 million yen based on the same above conditions.

Have you been sent home from work?

This is happening quite a lot now especially since the declaration of the emergency measures. Since the beginning of this crisis the union has stated that if you are sent home you must be paid a KYUGYO TEATE of a minimum of 60% of your average daily wages. Some employers are balking because they say that this is due to a force majeure, but at our most recent visit to the Osaka Labour Bureau, the position is that employers must still pay even since the emergency measures. They state that if employers are having a hard time paying this, they should apply for a subsidy (see below).

Yes, subsidies are available for employers who pay KYUGYO TEATE. Small and medium sized businesses can receive 90% of the money the pay for KYUGYO TEATE and large enterprises can receive 75%.

Not being paid this? Please let us know at

Battling on both income and safety fronts

Board of Education ALTs and Private Schools: we will be submitting a letter to city and prefectural boards of education over employer demands that teachers come into work everyday despite the fact that there are no students and preparation can easily be done at home. Why have teachers come into work just to risk getting contaminated? The ministry of education put out a notice to prefectural boards telling them that where possible, homework should be encouraged.

Language Schools: We have been involved in securing wages during the pandemic. So far, AEON, Berlitz, ECC and GABA have closed all schools in at least the effected prefectures (GABA in all, and ECC in many more than), and are paying KYUGYO TEATE above the minimum stated in the Labour Standards Law. 

At smaller language schools, the problems seem to be more severe. At Peppy Kids Club, the union has received many consultations stemming from their closure in March. The union is now preparing demands for this school.

Need Help?

Counselling services and hotlines in other languages

Ministry of Health, Welfare, and Labour information in 15 languages

We are endeavouring to do all we can to help all workers during this crisis and hope that you will keep making this possible by joining the union and standing shoulder to shoulder with workers throughout Japan and the world.