Labor Update Bulletin #77 (12/2019)

1月 19, 2020

In this bulletin…

  • For employment insurance, work hours at side jobs to be added for those over 65

  • “Power harassment” (pawahara) to be listed clearly in workers’ compensation standards: debate begins on mental disorders

  • Government to consider submitting bill in 2020 to extend the retirement age for public servants, starting in 2022

  • Options for working until 70 expanded to include support for starting businesses, philanthropic activities

  • Hours at side jobs to be added when granting compensation approval

  • National government decides on policy for judging power harassment: guideline for requirement on companies to take prevention measures

  • Limitation on claims for unpaid overtime to be made three years for now, lengthened to five years in the future

  • Private school teacher commits suicide after complaining to friend about pressure of club activities; family to apply for compensation

  • Labor Bureau gives corrective guidance to Takenaka Corporation for direction of non-company workers on-site, fake outsourcing, and others

  • Another step backward for gender equality: in gender gap index for 2019, Japan sets a new low record and comes in at 121st place – the lowest of any G7 country

  • Japan Business Federation (Keidanren) makes “getting away from Japanese-style employment” a clear part of their Shunto plan

  • 2019 “Black Company” award goes to Mitsubishi Electric, the first company to receive the award for two years in a row

  • Number of births falls under 900,000 in 2019 for the first time – decline in birthrate proceeding faster than expected

  • Toyota union proposes pay rises according to evaluation

  • And more!

(Translated from Japanese)