Labor Update Bulletin #76 (12/2019)

1月 4, 2020

In this bulletin…

  • MHWL estimates, with Kosei Nenkin expansion, 450,000 to become eligible (based on companies of 101 employees or more)

  • In eligibility for workers’ compensation at multiple jobs, MHWL indicates plan to promote second- and side-jobs

  • Merging of Kokumin Nenkin and Kosei Nenkin funds under consideration

  • In reversal of previous LISO decision that “driving is now work”, salesman’s death recognized as being from overwork

  • Illegal overtime again at Dentsu: further citation even after guilty verdict

  • Uber union protests cut in pay, demands collective bargaining

  • Former Rakuten employee granted worker’s compensation after suffering violence from boss and associated after-effects – company denies responsibility;

  • Newly-hired employee at Mitsubishi Electric commits suicide, with supervisor in charge of education facing charges of instigation

  • Charges filed in case of part-time costume performer’s death from heatstroke at Osaka’s Hirakata Park

  • And more!

(Translated from Japanese)