Safety at GABA

12月 17, 2019

In the near future the company will introduce an app to assist with emergency preparations. We appreciate this step as all improvements are welcome. This is a positive response to the union’s continued requests for safety improvements in the workplace.

But there is always more to do…

The union recently did a survey of instructors which found that:

  • 58% of the respondents don’t feel the company is prepared for a disaster
  • half have never participated in a drill
  • 50% of respondents did not know where the evacuation point for their Learning Studio was

 Based on these results, we have other suggestions for improvement:

  • Instead of spending so much time discussing GABA’s organisational chart, generalisations, and simply walking down the stairs, participants should be going to the actual evacuation points designated by the fire department.
  • GABA needs to track the number of instructors participating in the drill and work to improve that number.

The General Union GABA Branch will continue keeping GABA on its toes about its obligations to make each LS a safe place to learn and study.