Labor Update Bulletin #78 (01/2020)

Jan 19, 2020

In this bulletin…

  • As the “fiscal-yearly appointee system” is about to begin in April, the Interior Ministry announced an amount of tax to be distributed to local governments, saying “the national government will cover the increase in personnel costs associated with the new system, including bonuses” while reminding local governments “not to cut personnel spending”.

  • Teachers’ work hours: timecards or other objective measures used in fewer than 50% of places

  • MHWL to consider raising the amount of childcare leave benefit, requiring companies to inform employees

  • Labor Policy Council proposal “In Regard to the Statute of Limitations for Claims of Back Wages, Etc” released

  • On working until 70, duty of effort for companies starts in April of 2021

  • Former assistant professor of Belgian nationality sues Nagasaki University for continued employment and back-payment of salary

  • Citation issued to Sakai City, Osaka, for treating nurse as “paid volunteer” and denying request for annual paid leave

  • Compensation granted for manager who committed suicide after working 160 hours of overtime in a month and being made to fulfill quotas out of pocket; company protests, saying the “environment was proper, and the pay was enough”

  • Staff member’s family to sue Shizuoka City claiming suicide was due to long hours and harassment by work subordinates

  • And more!

(Translated from Japanese)