Labor Update Bulletin #70 (09/2019)

Nov 23, 2019

In this bulletin…

  • The MHWL is proposing the removal of employee number as a condition for Shakai Hoken enrollment. In other words, all employees working over 20 hours would be enrolled in shakai hoken.
  • MHWL presents proposal for pawahara measures, aiming to work out plan within the year, while labor and management disagree over scope

  • “91 days of work in a row”; “four days off in six months” – family of woman who died from overwork sues bento company

  • Students form group “wanting to help teachers who have ‘black’ work conditions”

  • Yokohama City to introduce sexual-minority partner system within the year

  • Kanazawa City to eliminate “sex” field from certification of registered inkan (seals) in “consideration for people of sexual minorities”

  • Number of working people over 65 reaches 8.62 million- its highest ever. 3.58 million are non-regular.

  • And more!

(Translated from Japanese)