Labor Update Bulletin #69 (09/2019)

Nov 23, 2019

In this bulletin…

  • On scope of Kosei Nenkin coverage, debate focuses on how far to relax the company size criterion

  • Karo-jisatsu (suicide from overwork) a severe problem in the construction industry: outline of “Karoshi Measures White Paper” becomes known

  • Bunri Kaisei H.S. receives citation for unpaid overtime

  • Forced to cut the grass with a supervisor watching: lawsuit over transfer harassment

  • “Fired to avoid switching to permanent employment”: Belgian former assistant professor to sue Nagasaki U. seeking confirmation of status

  • 24-year-old police detective commits suicide due to overwork; family applies for compensation as “accident in the line of duty”

  • Vietnamese former technical interns made to do decontamination work outside their contract: three seek compensation

  • “Illegal to deduct points from evaluation” for train drivers’ beards: Osaka City loses again on appeal

  • MHWL, despite waving flag for prevention, has 46% rate of harassment

  • Real wages for July down for the seventh month in a row

  • And more!

(Translated from Japanese)