Unfair Labor Practices at Kansai Gaidai

Sep 14, 2019

SEICO teachers basically do the same job as other other teachers at KGU – but for less pay and without health and employment insurance, pensions, and other benefits.

The new dispatch law requires that dispatch employees receive the same compensation as direct hire employees doing similar work.

University president Tanimoto Yoshitaka has worsened conditions at KGU by cutting wages, conditions, and job security of professors and instructors.

This has included a reduction in the number of direct hire employees along with an increase in the number of dispatched teachers and teachers seconded from universities in other countries.

Even services such as the library staff have also been outsourced to outside companies.

President Tanimoto’s efforts to reduce the number of directly hired teachers and administrative staff may not end there.

As the various organizations supplying teachers are forced to compete, it is highly likely that the President’s efforts to reduce costs with less expensive alternatives will result in job loses or worse pay and conditions for SEICO teachers and other outsourced workers as well.

Already, there are teachers being dispatched to KGU who do not receive any wages for holidays.

All teachers at Kansai Gaidai need to work together to prevent further attacks on our livelihood.