Labor Update Bulletin #67 (08/2019)

Sep 20, 2019

In this bulletin…

• MHWL Employment Security Bureau director issues request regarding problematic acts by dispatch companies

• Regional disparities in minimum wage grow: 17 prefectures still under 800 yen per hour

• Side jobs may be exempted from upper limits: MHWL panel considers multiple proposals on overtime work hours

• Sum of working hours accepted and workers’ compensation granted in case of driver employed by two companies

• Newly-employed nurse commits suicide, her mother sues – government grants industrial-accident recognition, but hospital still gives no apology or compensation

• “Classroom instructors are workers”: Tokyo Labor Commission orders Kumon to bargain

• Equal pay: regular employees’ pay may be cut by 1-in-5 companies to “correcting disparities”

• Care facility fails to pay wages to foreign student claiming it was “volunteer work”

• Tokyo Marine plans to cut back discretionary labor from 2000 people to 500 to deal with risk of illegalities

• Nittsu to raise non-regular employees’ pay to same standard as regular staff

• Number of employed women breaks 30 million, but half of these are in non-regular employment with low pay

• Nissan to give wedding vacation and congratulation bonuses for same-sex and common-law marriages

• And more!

(Translated from Japanese)