ECC: Union Wins Improvements for 2019; Vows to Keep Fighting in 2020

Aug 1, 2019

‣ A minimum, across-the-board pay increase for all union members regardless of evaluation.

Yet again, this contradicts ECC’s insistence that it “does not negotiate across-the-board pay increases” with unions.

‣ A reduction in special “make-up” workdays.

Depending on when public holidays fall in addition to the regular days off that members at ECC expect, new “Teaching Staff” instructors might have to work an extra three- to eight-days per year.

We were able to reduce this by two days, and also won guarantees that these special “make-up” days do not lead to six consecutive days of work.

‣ A committment to continue negotiations over ECC’s policies in regards to the Labor Contral Law amendment vis-a-vis “Five Year Rule”

Since the amendments to the Labour Contract Law have allowed workers to become unlimited-term contract workers after five years of consecutive employment, ECC has tried to undermine this right by attempting to introduce policies that seek to dissuade instructors from taking advantage their ability to convert to said unlimited-term contracts.

ECC introduced a new contract type – “Teaching Staff” – with a five-year cap, and introduced both a retirement age (with no retirement benefits) and a ban on pay increases for employees on other contract types to discourage them from demanding unlimited-term contracts.

While the union was not able to get ECC to fully back down from these policies, we have forced them to reconsider their attitude in the short-term by getting an agreement committing ECC to further negotiations over these points.

Next year’s goals are to have a full withdrawal of the employment cap, retirement with no benefits, and ban on pay increases.

For 2019, we were able to satisfy members’ immediate needs while leaving a clear opening to improving employment security in the years to come.

Watch us as we stamp out ECC’s plans to undermine employment security in the coming year.