Labor Update Bulletin #62 (05/2019)

6月 16, 2019

In this bulletin…

• LDP’s “100-Year Life Headquarters” submits vision for social-security reform to the Prime Minister;

• “Power harassment” prevention law takes effect and will be compulsory for companies starting next April – but with no penalties;

• Guaranteeing chances for the elderly to work is central: MHWL’s social-security policy;

• “To achieve 1,000 yen per hour in the early 2020s” – LDP project team;

• Anime production company that made “The Girl who Leapt Through Time” given citation: 393 hours worked in a month

• Verdict says “termination of 3 professors invalid” at Shukutoku University;

• Elderly people’s work accidents on the rise: 26% over 60

• And more!

(Translated from Japanese)