Labor Update Bulletin #59 (04/2019)

5月 11, 2019

In this bulletin…

• For Kosei Nenkin, MHWL considering making people keep paying in past age 70, on condition of receiving increased pension amount;

• LDP proposal would make it possible to enroll in health insurance regardless of employment type, increase the number of people paying in;

• Female researchers: “Proposed amendment will not protect student job-seekers from sexual harassment”;

• Mass resignations at private school in Yokohama: “part-time teachers being thrown away”;

• Labor citations at major showbiz production companies: Amuse, Yoshimoto Kogyo, LDH;

• Dockworkers’ union strikes on a weekday for the first time in 22 years: containers unable to be loaded or unloaded;

• Foreign workers at decommissioned Fukushima reactor: TEPCO to accept “specialized skills” workers;

• And more!

(Translated from Japanese)