Supreme Court Dismisses Takatsuki City’s Appeal

Mar 8, 2019

As noted in a previous report, this case, which occurred in March 2015, has taken exactly four years to reach a final conclusion, going from the Osaka Prefectural Labor Commission to the Osaka District Court, then the Superior Court, before being rejected by the Supreme Court.

By insisting on the truth, we have defeated Takatsuki City in court, despite them stubbornly pouring millions taxpayers’ yen into pushing to push their lies instead of just apologizing and making amends for their illegal actions.

Going forward, we recommend a path of rehabilitation for Takatsuki City.

For the past four years, the General Union has continued to make our case to Takatsuki City.

We have repeatedly told them to stop wasting time and money (that could be better spent on things that taxpayers actually want) on transparent lies that they were going to be caught out by, and called for them to acknowledge their own wrongdoing so we could proceed to a true resolution.

At this point, now that we have finally seen the end of it, we will once again be making the same point to Takatsuki City: that they should recognize they were in the wrong, apologize to those they harmed, and go forward on the path of correcting the wrongs they’ve done.

If they do this, they can begin to win back the trust of their residents, who have been repeatedly disappointed in their city over the past five years since the problems (the long-term scandalous relationship between the City and certain locally influential people, and the illegal mistreatment of the Assistant English Teachers) were first exposed.

The Osaka Prefectural Labor Commission’s order for relief from unfair labor practices commands representatives of Takatsuki City to deliver an apology letter to the General Union.

The General Union now awaits the chance to directly hear Takatsuki City representatives make amends for the hardships they’ve caused and money that they’ve wasted.