General Union Sues Sugiyama Jogakuen Educational Corporation At Osaka Prefectural Labor Commission

Feb 25, 2019

The General Union therefore judged that “the Corporation has no will to solve the problem through voluntary negotiation”, and filed a petition for relief at the Osaka Prefectural Labor Commission against the series of unfair labor practices engaged in by the Corporation over the past year.

The complete picture of events will become gradually clear anew through the investigation process.

However, the Corporation’s unfair labor practices, one after another, stem from a strong hatred toward labor unions – one willing even to break the law in order to deal a blow to a union and its members.

Accordingly, nearly all of them are impossible to explain (or justify) reasonably, and their violations of the Labor Unions Act also involved violations of the Labor Standards Act and Labor Contract Act.

The Corporation has a one-hundred-year history to be proud of – but now its disgraceful behavior will be specifically and exhaustively exposed by a public institution.

The Corporation will truly pay a high price for this.

It is their own fault, for having contempt for the legal rights of a labor union.

The progress of the Osaka Prefectural Labor Commission’s investigation and inquiry will be reported on the union’s website step by step as needed.