Labor Update Bulletin #49 (12/2018)

1月 9, 2019

In this bulletin…

• Legislation for continuing employment until 70 specified: Future Investment Conference makes interim report on new growth strategy;

• MHWL: “Do not lower regular employees’ salaries” – policy on Equal Pay for Equal Work;

• University hospitals with “unpaid doctors” total 34 in the past 5 years;

• Alarm sounded on Immigration Act amendment: “End the technical internship system, and regulate brokers” – poor conditions include hourly wage of 300 yen;

• Public health insurance wavers in its “equality” – foreign nationals pay too, but…;

• Actual work conditions difficult to see: 40% of private high schools have no labor agreement;

• Illegalities in 40% of emergency hires of foreign workers: substandard pay, overwork;

• Kofu City to eliminate “sex” field from inkan registration certificate;

• And more!

(Translated from Japanese)