Labor Update Bulletin #46 (11/2018)

11月 20, 2018

In this bulletin…

• Government to consider legal changes for continuing employment past 65;

• MHWL proposal on “Equal Pay for Imaginary Worker” to be allowed as comparison for dispatch employees;

• “Continuing employment and encouraging self-help for elderly people” in revision of pension system – MHWL;

• Modified working-hours system presented by MEXT;

• Heated debate between labor and business over definition of power harassment in MHWL subcommittee;

• 40% of dispatch workers “want to work as regular employees” – MHWL survey;

• Organized-crime boss and others wanted on illegal dispatching charges possibly connected to Olympics-related labor shortages;

• Half of public school teachers over the karoshi line while also taking work home;

• And more!

(Translated from Japanese)