A Fair Deal for Contract Workers – Seminars

10月 9, 2018

Direct Hire ALTs under attack

  • In 2020 you’ll become an irregular komuin
  • This means one year renewable contracts but at the lowest end of pay and conditions forever.
  • You’ll have to reapply each year
  • Is there anything positive in the new law?

Employment Contracts & Illegalities

  • What has to be in an employment contract?
  • What can’t be included?
  • What can I do if my contract doesn’t guarantee the minimum stated in the law?
  • Is it possible to sign away my rights?
  • Does an illegal clause invalidate my contract?

Health & Pension

  • Working 20 hours/wk?
  • Want to be enrolled but being refused?
  • Can I get enrolment at 20 hours even in a smaller company?
  • What does the insurance cover?


  • Worried about your future after retirement?
  • Can you be forced to retire?
  • What’s the retirement age?
  • Do part timers have to retire?
  • What income supports can I count on

Unlimited Term Contracts

  • Have schools been following the law on this?
  • How can you apply?
  • Why is my school saying 10 years and the union saying five?
  • Have you already been told you’ll have contract limits?

Have more questions about these topics?

Send them to fair@generalunion.org and we’ll answer them on the day – as well as put out a written report later.