Working at a University? We Have Five Reasons Why YOU Should be in the Union

11月 16, 2023

We are often asked by potential recruits, “What is the biggest reason to join the General Union as a university teacher?” Well, we don’t have just one big reason; we have at least five!

We protect employment through our campaigns to prevent university instructors from losing yearly bonuses (koma) and promoting unlimited term contracts to halt unilateral contract non-renewals.

We also ensure that union members are aware of their rights, such as annual paid leave, and other types of leave like maternity, parental, and nursing care leave. Most union members know their rights in the workplace and can assert these rights when necessary. They also understand that the union is there to back them up in protecting their rights.

Most union members know not to sign anything handed over to them by their university before discussing it with the union. We receive many consultations from non-members every year who are stuck with a document that gave away their rights. Being in the union means you know that you will get the best advice so that you don’t end up in a bind.

The GU are also trail blazers in court fighting to make sure employers not only follow the law but to establish future precedents to make things better for everyone. We currently have three cases going on simultaneously at three separate universities and colleges. These three cases are standing up for employment rights in a world where more and more workers are forced to work as subcontractors, against unilateral contract non-renewals, and protecting older workers against pay cuts.

From the courtroom to the classroom, at the negotiating table and on the picket line, and right beside you when you need our ear, the General Union is there to protect and improve your working conditions. In essence, joining us as a university teacher means more than personal benefits—it’s a commitment to collective empowerment. From safeguarding employment rights to providing crucial advice, we’re here to support you. By becoming a member, you contribute to a community dedicated to improving working conditions for all and your union dues make these efforts possible.

If you’re interested in distributing our newest union flyer in your workplace, send us a message at, and we’ll send out as many as you’d like. Contact us for a copy of our latest leaflet and join us in building a stronger and fairer world of work.