Labor Update Bulletin #40 (08/2018)

Aug 2, 2018


In this bulletin…

• “Rules for Publicizing the Names of Companies with Illegal Overtime” effectiveness questioned;

• Minimum wage: with 26-yen raise, national average guideline figure becomes 874 yen;

• Immigration Agency being considered due to increase in foreign workers;

• Terminations of veteran dispatch workers rampant ahead of September – avoidance of mandatory “seishain after three years” rule?;

• You can get all your yūkyū-kyuka (Annual Paid Leave) even if you quit in the middle of the year: Twitter user in the news for giving company brush-off;

• Labor tribunal over dismissals at Tohoku University.: three more people move to regular lawsuit;

• Dismissal for suing company “unfair”;

• Dismissed just before changing to unlimited employment, former contract employee sues Hakuhodo;

• Number of mothers working goes over 70% for the first time;

• And more!

(Translated from Japanese)