Shoin Gakuen: How Will They “Explain” Their Illegal Dismissals In Court?

Jul 6, 2018

line breakWe’ve covered the fight over the illegal dismissals at Shoin Gakuen here several times so far..

The General Union has repeatedly warned the school that since they have no justified reason on their side, they should solve the problem in a civil manner via negotiation between management and labor, own up to their illegalities, and set things right. 

However, even after our generous offer to settle things peacefully, the school corporation refuses even to have any dialogue with the General Union at all.

Thus, the union has no option other than to take the fight to a court of law.
line breakIn the wake of media scrutiny and impending legal action, the school can no longer continue their silence as they have done up until this point. 

Once due process is served, they must make a counter-argument in writing to the court to claim that the dismissals were appropriate. 

This means that their “reasoning” will be seen by all.

If the school corporation has a shred of common sense, they will understand that they cannot get away with simply saying “the contract is finished because its term expired”. 

Suffice to say, it is difficult even to imagine what mental-gymnastics they might put on display in order to establish “appropriate reason”.

Teaching staff, parents, of students, and many other people involved with Shoin Gakuen who do not yet know the situation, will soon discover the truth as a result of this lawsuit.

A spokesperson for the corporation has publicly declared that “the corporation’s board of trustees has decided they will not carry out unlimited-term conversion in accordance with the law”. 

Does Shoin Gakuen Educational Corporation intend to continue making this outrageous excuse, in court, as if decisions by the “board of trustees” are somehow above the law? 

If so, that may threaten the school corporation’s very existence.
line breakAs of the start of April this year (2018), the number of irregular workers gaining the right to switch to unlimited-term contracts was said to be as many as about 4.5 million. 

It is unclear how many of those have actually gained that right and switched to unlimited-term contracts as of writing, but – as this problem affects irregular workers and their families on such a grand scale – it is truly a “social issue”.

Therefore, the General Union will intensify its battle with Shoin Gakuen Educational Corporation in court to do our part in fighting this social injustice.