Labor Update Bulletin #36 (06/2018)

Jun 27, 2018


In this bulletin…

• MHWL’s “Karoshi Prevention General Principles” final proposal announced – “High-Professional” system not removed, conflicting with “Work-Style Reform Bill”;

• MHWL updates “black companies” list, adding Oji Paper Factory;

• Snow removal costs lead to pay cut? Fukui City employees protest unusual policy;

• Tohoku University dismissals to go to trial- “no compromises” seen in labor tribunal;

• Supreme Court: “disparity of allowances” with regular staff “partially unreasonable” – difference in the perfect-attendance allowance also seen as a problem;

• Half of university lecturers are part-time (hijokin), while a quarter of full-timers (jokin) are term-limited (ninki-tsuki) [Asahi Shinbun-Kawai Juku survey];

• And more!

(Translated from Japanese)