What Are Major Eikaiwa Schools Doing About Unlimited Term Contracts?

5月 2, 2018


We can all agree that this industry has suffered through more than enough challenges and scandals based on certain employers’ refusals to follow labour laws.

Whether this was caused through the failure to enrol in health insurance and pension, unemployment insurance, denial of paid holidays, or other such shenanigans, these scandals have not helped anyone.

We are asking that employers answer the below questions and return their answers to the union in May.

We hope to make their answers available for all to see

If you are having problems getting your employer to allow for unlimited term contracts, please let us know.

  1. Will your employees be eligible to apply for an unlimited term employer contract as of 1 April 2018 if they have worked over 5 consecutive calendar years starting on 1 April 2013?
  2. Will you automatically accept this request as per your obligation under the Labour Contract Law?
  3. Will there be any condition applied to the conversion to an unlimited contract?
  4. Will there be any contract types, ages, or other stipulations which you do not accept has the right to an unlimited term contract once they have worked longer than five years?
  5. When will the end date of employment be removed after you have accepted the conversion? During the first contract after five years, or the second contract after five years?
  6. Do you have a retirement age? Will you be implementing a retirement age? If yes, please explain.
  7. Do you now have an upper limit on the number of contracts that can be renewed? If yes, please explain and also tell us when this limit was implemented.
  8. Will you be implementing any upper limits in the number of contract renewals for new employees? If yes, please explain.
  9. Have you made your system known to current employees?

Berlitz and ECC have not been sent this letter directly as they have made their system clear to both employees and the union and while we have some minor disagreements over some small parts of their system, both employers are open to negotiating with the union in order to come to some mutual agreement and correction.

We will keep you in the loop as the answers come in.