AEON’s Trickery And The “20,000 Yen Fixed Overtime Allowance”

4月 27, 2018

AEON will then add 5,000 yen to that, and 20,000 yen per month will be given back to the teacher to cover 10 hours of overtime per month.

New hires will just have their basic salary slashed from 270,000 yen to 255,000 yen (AEON current hiring site vs AEON October 2017 hiring site) making them the longest working yet lowest paid teachers in major eikaiwa chain schools.

Basic Salary (270,000 – 15,000 = 255,000) + Fixed overtime allowance (15,000 + 5,000 = 20,000) = 275,000 – which now includes 10 hours of overtime that is being sold as a way to cover unforeseen overtime (and also means that AEON can legally require teachers to work an extra 10 hours per month).



Why have they suddenly decided to pay this fixed overtime allowance?

Simple: they looked at the time cards and realised that they have a “ticking time bomb” inside of the company.

That “ticking time bomb” is the fact that most teachers arrive before 12:00 and don’t clock out till after 21:00 (that’s all overtime and must be paid).

Teachers don’t really have a big choice as the nature of their job has always required this overtime.

AEON always knew about it and decided not to pay teachers the overtime that legally should have been paid.

Now, for current teachers they will pay them an extra 5,000 yen per month (not including the 15,000 yen stolen from Peter to pay Paul).

Do they think people are stupid?

Currently employed teachers are being asked to sign a waiver saying they agree to a 15,000 yen cut in the base rate in order to get the 5,000 extra yen they are ALREADY OWED!

Actually, teachers who do not agree to sign are told that their contract will be arbitrarily changed at the next renewal and for the period before, AEON will not pay any overtime allowance regardless of the fact that teachers are clearly working overtime.

If AEON can force YOU to do this in order to fix AEON’S OWN LEGAL PROBLEMS, what is next?

Why weren’t they just honest instead of treating teachers like idiots?



A union can help AEON teachers not only fix this problem, but also to potentially recover years of unpaid wages (wages AEON knows they owe teachers, leading to this recent move).

If you want to recover both your base salary and unpaid overtime, you know the place to call.

We’re here waiting for teachers to demand dignity at work.


Do you know anyone working at AEON?

Download this small flyer and let them know exactly what AEON is up to.

Know a Japanese person working at AEON, send them to this link.