Mission Impossible – The New School Year [OP-ED]

4月 9, 2018

The first two we’ll presume you can guess. 

From there on, you will be on your own…

No names. 

No clues. 

Returning teachers? New teachers? Full-time? Part-time?

No hints about which of many staff rooms they could be in.

We will tease you and put you in the same room with seventy other people for exactly one hour. 

No introductions. 

No chance to talk.

Then, as the meeting ends, just when you think you might have a chance… we will spirit over half of the people away to another meeting.

Finally, when it seems possible you might actually meet one of them, he will be carefully moved about the school just as you feel you are getting close to the possible target.

Life as a part-time teacher is about to get interesting. 

Will you accept the mission?