Gaba: Instructors Views On The New Schedule Submission System

Apr 7, 2018

“These changes negatively affect my schedule and flexibility. I have to plan events too far in advance. I’m also having clients communicate they are having difficulty finding me on the schedule so they’re unable to book my lessons, which has an impact on my income.”

“Ultimately if instructors want to waste their time (submitting at a low-traffic time) that should be their right to do.”

“Gaba seems determined to make our lives as miserable as possible…”

“Benefits of flexibility as instructor has decreased dramatically with no assurance or guarantee elsewhere (booking rate or expenses paid). The recent changes have made me very discouraged about working at Gaba.”

“I’ve been refused a schedule submission even though Gaba web said Gaba wants more instructors..”

“I just want to be able to change it until the 10th like we used to.”

“I find that it further hinders your ability to plan things with family and friends. It has also caused many people to have forced breaks or split shifts.”

“No one from the company told me about the schedule change, I discovered it on Facebook…”

“I should say one of my ISLs has been clear and honest about it. Not sure I can say the company itself has been perfectly clear about it.”

“Its understandable from a corporate standpoint, but it reflects the exploitative business model that GABA employs.”

“The new system is NOT good for instructors OR clients!!!!!”

“This change is classic “spreadsheet decision-making”, failing to account for individual client and instructor rapport, and instead treating both as simple numerical values. When clients cannot access a preferred instructor many will simply not book, which makes the change detrimental for the company itself.”

If you have not yet filled out the survey and would like to, the link is here.