Do You Have To Pay NHK’s Fees?

12月 8, 2017

The Broadcast Law actually states that any person who has installed equipment capable of receiving NHK broadcasts shall conclude a contract with NHK.

So what does that mean for people who don’t own a television, but watch NHK via their phone or computer?

We’ll be watching to see if NHK makes moves to collect fees from these people, and we’ll also be interested to see if NHK decides to try to collect fees from people who have devices that are capable of watching NHK, even if they don’t do so.

In the meantime, keep those doors locked, don’t answer the door if you’re not expecting a delivery, and be sure the lights and any sounds are low if the ominous NHK Man comes knocking.

Hopefully, they’ll get bored of being ignored and will pass you by.

Better yet, move into a building that has security!

Source: Read more at the Asahi