Public labour workshops in Kansai and Tokai

9月 27, 2017


Let’s PARiTY in Kansai

Sunday, 26 November 15:30~1700 PLP Kaikan
(map and leaflet download)

15:30~17:00 Your choice of *Labour Seminar OR **Wills & Inheritances


Let’s PARiTY in Tokai

Sunday, November 13:45~16:45 Office Park Nagoya (Dai’ichi Nagoya Bldg)
map and leaflet download

14:00~15:00      *Labour Seminars
15:15~16:15      **Wills and Inheritances Seminar

*Labour Seminars

After a fixed-term employment contract is renewed for a total employment period of over 5 years, the contract can be converted to a permanent one.

HEALTH AND PENSION INSURANCE (shakai hoken & shigaku kyosai)
• Pension eligibility: From 25 to 10 years
• Enrollment: at 20 hours/wk (enterprises with 500 employees)
• Even if there are less than 500 employees, it is still possible to be enrolled at 20 hours

• Allows for dispatch that is longer than three years (workplace agreement, job type/ location change, unlimited term contract)
• Same working conditions for direct hired and dispatched employees mandated.

EQUITY GUIDELINES (regular vs contract workers)
• No discrimination in various allowances (overtime, regional, regular attendance allowances, etc.)
• No discrimination in special leaves and welfare benefits (non-statutory leave, sick leave, special leave, medical check leave)
• Working conditions of dispatched workers and direct-hire employees must be equal (pay, benefits and training)

DUE TO TIME CONSTRAINTS we can only go in depth about the first two laws listed.

**Wills & Inheritances Seminar

What happens in Japan if you die without a will? Does Japanese law take precedence or does the law back home? How is it decided? By the length of time here, if you’re married, or some other reason? How do I even make a will in Japan? An English speaking lawyer will deliver the presentation (Kansai only).