Board of Education Illegally Denies Childcare Leave

Aug 24, 2017

However, while they are permitted to have maternity leave, the Board of Education also gave her an official document that stated JETs are not entitled to childcare leave.

Suffice to say, both the JET and the General Union were upset to see this information.

Everything the union knows leads us to believe that JETs are entitled to childcare leave after their first contract renewal.

We have researched this topic and discovered other law experts who are agreement with our opinion.

We’ve even found minutes of a Board of Education meeting at Kizugawa city stating that both JETs and ALTs are entitled to childcare leave.

So, why is this Board of Education denying JETs their rights?

It’s impossible to know for sure, but ignorance is the most likely answer.

Keep in mind: the Takatsuki Board of Education, despite losing their case in the Labor Commission, is currently suing the same Labor Commission in civil court due to their their ruling that ALTs are entitled to paid leave, insurances, and so on, and are actually employees of the city (and not salaried “volunteers” with employment contracts).

Ignorance is not unusual even when the employer is the actual government instead of a private entity.

We have armed the JET with some documentation to continue the conversation with the Board of Education on her own.

In addition, just in case she is not able to resolve the issue on her own, we have also introduced her to an activist at our sister union, Tokyo Nambu.

Keep an eye out for future updates about this situation.