Hey! ECC 35-hour Contract Teachers: We Can Make ECC A Better Place To Work!

8月 13, 2017

Employment security also covers your right to continue working as long as you do a good job. Do you know why your contract is limited to four years? Did ECC tell you that they did this to evade a new law which grants automatic tenure after five years (meaning no more one-year contracts).?

Together we can make sure that employment security also includes you. 

Your contract says that you do not get a yearly pay increase. Did you know that union members negotiate for our pay increases every year? Luckily as a union member you will have a right to negotiate ALL ASPECTS including your NATIONAL HOLIDAYS which we know ECC didn’t tell you about.

Don’t let ECC make unilateral changes! Join the union and protect and improve your conditions. We all want to be treated fairly at work, and this is what the union fights for.

With over 150 ECC members all over Japan, we’ve already made many improvements for you!

Some of your benefits via the union

ALPs: Prior to the union there was no flexible paid leave at ECC. The only days you had off were the days set by the company.

Special Leave: You can now take days off for funerals, weddings, births, etc without being marked absent on your evaluation.

Unemployment Insurance: ECC violated this law for many years before the union made sure that people had insurance to cover job loss and maternity leave.

Health and Pension Insurance: You are now covered for both minor and major health emergencies.

Training Pay: Teachers now receive regular pay for training held outside of contract hours. This is an improvement over the 1000yen per hour ECC used to pay.

Protection against unfair dismissal and discipline: In the case of union members, the employer must first consult with the union. We have an excellent track record of keeping things fair.

A better work environment for all: Some of our improvements you’d think that ECC would have done on their own, but it has been the union. From water coolers to English working regulations, and from first aid kits in the schools to better evacuation procedures, we have been in the forefront of improving all aspects of your life at ECC.