Labor Update Bulletin #13 (07/2017)

7月 24, 2017


In this bulletin…

• Aiming towards better working conditions in the anime industry, Labor Standards Inspection Offices hold a seminar.

• The MHLW has finalized plans to offer long-term training courses of 1 or 2 years for irregularly-employed workers aiming to acquire national qualifications.

• Public elementary and junior-high schools are short of more than 700 teachers nationwide.

• Labor Standards Inspection Office inspections in Fukui Prefecture find legal violations in 72% of workplaces.

• The labor agreement at Dentsu was found to be “invalid”.

• Internal strife looms as Rengo changes course to approve of the “Zero Overtime Pay Law”.

• The Bank of Japan’s “Sakura Report” shows worry of increased bankruptcies due to labor shortage.

• Debate begins on revising the statute of limitations regarding unpaid-wage claims.

(Translated from Japanese)