Labor Update Bulletin #11 (07/2017)

Jul 24, 2017


In this bulletin…

• The number of births in 2016 dropped below one million for the first time.

• The Ministry of Health, Welfare, and Labor’s Labor Policy Council announces that overtime restrictions may come into force as soon as April 2019.

• The Japan Teachers’ Union discovers that “irregular” teachers are increasingly taking charge of classes, club activities, and working in “blank” periods.

• Women’s employment rate reaches 66% (its highest ever), but the percentage in managerial positions is low.

• Elderly-care facilities will be added to the list of workplaces that can accept foreign technical interns.

• The “Equal pay for equal work” bill is predicted to be submitted this autumn.

• The “Regulatory Reform Implementation Plan” was decided in the Cabinet.

(Translated from Japanese)