Labor Update Bulletin #9 (06/2017)

7月 2, 2017


In this bulletin…

• The government proposes raising the age of retirement to 65
• The government also proposes outsourcing labor standards inspection to the private sector
• The MHLW begins to name and shame businesses charged with illegal overtime
• Families of karoshi victims petition to regulate overtime for teachers in public schools
• Echizen city in Fukui Prefecture removes “sex” field from civil servant employment examinations
• The MHLW considers a “buffer” between working days to prevent endless working
• An AEON-associated company is ordered to pay overtime to a security guard who was napping at work (the company argued that sleeping at work was not work; the security guard was expected to work 24-hour shifts)
• A supermarket accused of forcing employees to work more than 100 hours of overtime has been put on trial

(Translated from Japanese)