Why Is Amity Suddenly Recruiting Teachers From The Philippines?

Jun 12, 2017


Recently, more and more teachers at Amity are demanding that overtime be paid.

In addition, they are also refusing to kowtow to Amity’s company provided housing.

Management routinely tells people they cannot move out of company housing.

This is simply untrue – you have the right to live where you want, and you do not need to continue paying the monthly rental fee if you choose to do so.

Is this rise in awareness (and defiance against the status quo) the reason for Amity’s sudden interest in hiring from the Philippines?

Do they think they will ultimately be able to reduce their labor costs by doing so?


This is the advertisement and the accompanying post that we found on Facebook (via Bison Management, recruiting on behalf of Amity):

Kon’nichiwa everyone!

Bison Management Corporation is currently affiliated with Amity Corporation to offer Filipino teachers the job to teach in Japan.

This is your opportunity to live the Japanese dream, where you will see Sakura trees bloom beautifully, experience amazing Japanese food that can be easily availed through a vending machine; you will also have extremely efficient public transportation and experience how mind blowing the Japanese culture is.

This is also an opportunity for well-being and uprising of yours and your family’s life.

We are calling out male or female English Teachers to be part of an amazing opportunity in Japan.

All requirements are posted in the image, and if you have any other inquiries you can always contact us on [removed] or [removed] and ask for Chin or Beth for assistance.

Do not hesitate or contact us as we are 24/7 here to help you with job opportunities.


At the time this article was written, the above recruitment post had 583 shares, 1,100 likes, and 385 comments.

There is no shortage of Filipinos who are desperate to leave the Philippines to try to make a better life for themselves and their families (and they have every right to do so).

However, it could also be said those “fortunate” enough to be chosen by Amity might not be so inclined to bite the hand that feeds them.

On the other hand, this could be nothing more than a solution to a labor shortage, and/or part of some greater recruitment strategy that only Amity is privy to.

Is Amity specifically targeting Filipinos simply for the sake of diversity, or are there more nefarious motivations at play here?

Only time will tell.