Berlitz Dispatch Teachers Win Pay Rise!

11月 16, 2016


The agreement covers the 2016 and 2017 academic years, and increases the salaries from 2.1% for the newest employee to 4.8% for the most senior instructors (which doesn’t even include the stipends or bonuses).

This is our second victory over pay at Berlitz this year. 

Earlier in the year, we were able to improve conditions for all Berlitz teachers in the learning centres through increased wages and reduced teaching loads. 

While pay rises have been something that have been quite difficult for our union to achieve, our past victory at Berlitz and our ongoing dispute and strike action at ECC served these union members very well.


Unlike in-house unions who may only ever deal with the internal machinations of the company they are based at, or small unions that are tied to specific industries, the General Union’s diverse experiences allows us to see a bigger picture. 

Thanks to our members, we can see the ebb and flow of labor developments in trade and political arenas, and get a sense of which way the wind is likely to blow. 

We understand the similarities and the differences between various environments and situations, giving us a unique perspective into the various problems and solutions that may affect people. 

The union takes the lessons, the disputes, and the knowledge gained from many people and places of work, and use that information to decide how we can best apply our experience at your workplace.

The General Union is strong because we represent hundreds of people across numerous businesses and act as one strong union as opposed to small company based unions.

Working together in a whole industry, we are stronger.