Shunto 2017 is about to start–are you ready?

2月 13, 2017


It is an unusual theme for a Shunto rally, but what made the South Korean National Assembly adopt the resolution to dismiss the president was a popular movement with rallies of one-and-a-half million people, and one of the major reasons why people in South Korea took to the streets was the increasing numbers of people in irregular employment and the worsening of the gap between the rich and the poor (especially amongst youth). It’s not just that “the movement in Korea is amazing”, but that we would like to pay attention to what approach the Korean labor movement and popular movement took to those issues. We will also hear an explanation of the Abe government’s “Work-Style Reforms”, its intentions and problems, from Mr. Kondou of the Osaka Labor Lawyers’ Association. Then we will hear resolutions for the 2017 Shunto from our member unions, and appeals from the frontlines of disputes.

West Japan Shunto Discussion will be in Hiroshima

Last year’s Shunto Discussion was held in Osaka, but this year’s will be held on February 25th and 26th at the Hiroshima City Bunka Koryu Kaikan. Preparations have already started, so unions wishing to participate should get in contact soon. The first day will begin with Zenrokyo Secretary-General Nakaoka’s presentation of the proposed Shunto Plan, and the commemorative talk will be “ ’Equal Pay for Equal Work’ and Article 20 of the Labor Contract Law” given by Mr. Nakajima, Chair of the Osaka Labor Lawyers’ Association. As well as a report and declaration of determination from the plaintiffs of the Article 20 Case, there will be special reports and more. The next day’s proceedings are planned to center on Shunto and Dispute Reports from each union and regional branch. Spring Osaka General Action will be on March 17th It’s not quite “a tradition of Spring”, but Union Network’s Spring Osaka General Action has been held since 20 years ago. They go to the sites of workplace disputes and to government offices to make demands and take protest action each year. Already requests for action have come in from 8 places, starting with Dentsu Godo, Kyoiku Godo, Yusei Union, the Care Workers’ Union, and Union Zenrokyo, so this year we are likely to split into two groups again in the afternoon. The time and place to gather, both for the start and for the afternoon, will be announced at the Shunto Rally on February 9.

Osaka Zenrokyo 2017 Shunto report-back also planned

The Osaka Zenrokyo Shunto Social, which began being held two years ago, is also planned for mid-to-late April. This is very meaningful as an opportunity for meeting and exchange between unions across different industries.

(from Osaka Zenrokyo News February 2017)